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Monday, 3 April 2006
Kyuubinogaki's yaoi story ((NARUTO))
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Now Playing: Kyuubinogaki's yaoi story ((still under construction))
Topic: Kyuubinogaki's yaoi story
Yup, yup, Told you I was bored (waiting for Loveless to DL aghh so sloooww!) So here's the first chapter. Slight screwing, not even completely done yet. Once again, if you are against Homosexuality, fanfiction, boys on boys, strong language (later chapters), or you are recommended not to read, please don't. I'm not held accountable for emotional scarring. ENOUGH OF MY MOUTH DAMMT!

Sasuke glanced around the empty riverbank and thought about the past few days as he sat down to wait for Kakashi. 'Naruto has been acting strange lately…' he thought. Whenever the two boys were training, Naruto would "accidentally" bump into him and during spar time he would hold on longer than the usual amount of time…and…Sasuke was sure that Naruto was touching and rubbing his back.

"I hope he's feeling ok…" Sasuke muttered to himself as he tossed a rock across the slow-moving river. Kakashi had told him they were going to have a "private meeting", without Sakura or Naruto. Sasuke found guilty delight in that. However…when a shadow passed over him, he knew they wouldn't be alone.

"Naruto…you dobe…what do you want?" he said, jokingly. Since Naruto had rescued him from Orochimaru's grip, Sasuke had become friendlier with the blonde boy.

"What you waiting for sensei for?" Naruto asked. "He's not coming."

"B-But he told me…" Sasuke was confused.

"Na, I paid him to tell you that…" Naruto replied.

"Nani?! You…baka!!" Sasuke yelled as he dove at Naruto.

As Naruto got tackled to the ground, he thought, 'Well, here goes nothing…' and held onto Sasuke. He rolled him over so that he was sitting on the other's stomach. He held his wrists down and lowered his mouth to Sasuke's. He kissed him, long and hard, shoving his tongue down the Uchiha's throat. He moved his head down to Sasuke's neck and nibbled, kissed, and bit.

"Naruto, what the HELL!?" Sasuke complained. Deep down, he enjoyed it, but he couldn't show it yet.

"Sasuke…listen…" Naruto took a deep breath before continuing. "I…well…have always loved you…" he looked down and blushed hard. "That's why I wanted to save you…You're the most important person in my life…It's just that…I've been too afraid to admit my feelings…" Naruto took another breath and waited for Sasuke's reply.

Sasuke bit his lip for a moment before responding. "Naruto…I…I've always loved you too…it took me this long to notice my feelings but…I guess I've just blocked them away…but enough talking…"

Naruto nodded, removing his own jacket and shirt, tossing them easily aside. He smiled to himself as he watched Sasuke tear his shirt off hurriedly, throwing it towards the bright orange jacket and black T-shirt. Naruto bent his head low and kissed Sasuke's naked chest, feeling himself grow wild with strong passion. He quickly positioned himself over Sasuke, tearing off both of their pants, revealing bare skin and hard dicks. Closing his eyes, Naruto gripped Sasuke's shoulder, digging his nails in, before slowly entering him. He waited a few seconds, allowing the other boy to get adjusted. As soon as Sasuke nodded the okay, he began a small rhythm, accompanying it, a dull throb only in his mind. Sasuke groaned and reached for Naruto, managing to dig his nails in his arms. He muttered a word or two and began to sweat. "Naruto…I…" he murmured.

Naruto just thrust harder and bent over to nibble on the other's stomach. 'Wow…' Sasuke thought. 'He's great!' He groaned again as Naruto kept thrusting his cock into him. He ran his fingers down the blue eyed boy's chest and watched as Naruto slowly lowered his head to take Sasuke's dick into his mouth. Sasuke moaned and reached up to put a hand in the blonde hair, pulling it gently. He gently slid one finger into his mouth and looked at his teammate. Naruto looked up and gently pulled his mouth off Sasuke's cock. He also pulled out from his body, although his mind screamed to continue. He gently grabbed Sasuke and rolled under him, so he was under the smaller boy. Sasuke quickly took advantage of his position and turned Naruto toward him so he could see him. He moved down, dragging fingers down his body as he went. He continued to suck on his own fingers, and then teased them around Naruto's entrance. He felt the body below him shiver, and he gently eased his fingers in then out, testing him. Smiling gently, he moved his hips onto the other's, pressing them down, then entered Naruto, doing the same as he did, allowing the other to get adjusted. Naruto seemed more eager and rammed his hips upward, moaning. Sasuke shook his head but blew away the thoughts as he made a new rhythm. Every time Naruto pushed up, he pushed down, with all his strength, causing their hips to clash together. Naruto and Sasuke moaned together, and Sasuke shot his hand down, catching Naruto's still stiff member in his hand. As his hips bucked down, his hand jerked at a crazy rate. The blonde's moans told him that his lover was close to climax, as was he. He thrust a bit more and cried out, moaning as he came in Naruto. Naruto was babbling as his hips bucked high and he came as well, muttering breathless words. Sasuke panted, and looked at his hand, which was covered in Naruto's cum. He gently sucked at it, smiling. "I love you Naruto. Watch this…" he gently bit his clean hand and did a few signs. Placing his hand on Naruto's neck, he made a design in blood that seeped into his skin. "There. Now people will know your mine." Sasuke was happy for once.

* * * *

The next day, Sasuke woke up in a daze. He looked around, seeing no trees. 'I thought we were in the forest…' he thought. He took a glance to the left and saw Naruto's headband. 'Tch…that baka…he didn't want to take chances…' he smiled as he heard some whistles. Getting out of the bed, he stepped across the room, stripping himself. Naruto was washing up, getting ready for the day. "Make room." He told him and Naruto stepped over. "Thanks…" he said as he began to soap up his body.

"Yeah, no problem." Naruto replied and rubbed Sasuke's back.

* * * *

After getting out of the shower, Naruto and Sasuke got dressed, having a playful game of wrestling in their boxers. They stepped out and began heading toward Ichiraku's, Naruto's suggestion for breakfast. On the way there, Naruto grabbed Sasuke's hand, smiling. Sasuke quickly lost his smile and dropped his hand, noticing Kakashi walking toward them. Both boys blushed and took a few steps away.

"Ohayoo, Sensei." They spoke in unison.

"Hey, you two. What are you up to this early?" the masked chuunin asked with a raised eyebrow.

Naruto rubbed the back of his head and replied, "Not much. Just walking around."

"I see." Kakashi said, absentmindedly. "What happened to your neck?" he asked, noticing the now black mark.

Naruto covered his neck and hurriedly said, "N-Nothing…I just scratched myself…"

"Okay…" Kakashi looked over Sasuke. "And why are you with Naruto?"

"What, I can't hang out with my friend?" Sasuke shot back.

"Whoa, whoa calm down." Kakashi backed up. "I'll see you guys later. I have to see Tsunade-sama." Kakashi walked off.

"See you, sensei." The two boys called and walked away.
"That was close, wasn't it?" Sasuke squeezed his teammate's hand.

"Yeah, it was." His icy blue eyes sparkled as they walked into Ichiraku's.

"Hey, old man! 2 ramens please!"

"You got it kid." The old man said pleasantly, turning to fix the ramen.

"So, what do you want to do after this?" Naruto asked.

"Well…I…I don't really have any ideas. How about you?" Sasuke replied.

"Well, we could catch a movie. If you want I mean." Naruto blushed and began to eat his ramen.

"Yeah…let's go see a movie…in an empty theater?" Sasuke looked away and blushed too.

"S-Sure…" Naruto began to shake as he finished his bowl. "See ya old man!"

* * * *

(Note: The following sex scene will be edited. It's crappy and confusing so we gotta fix it ^-^)

The theater was empty when they walked in. Sure enough, it was a Julia Roberts movie so it wasn't a surprise. As they picked out their seats and sat down, they could barely keep their eyes on the screen. Finally, Sasuke climbed into Naruto's lap and felt an arm around his waist, gently rubbing and caressing him. Sasuke blushed and slowly rubbed his hips against Naruto's "area" that was growing harder. Slowly, Naruto pulled off Sasuke's T-shirt and shorts. Since it was summer, Sasuke wasn't wearing boxers. 'Likewise…' Sasuke thought, 'He probably isn't wearing any either…' His hands roamed around and unzipped the orange jacket and pulled his pants off. Sure enough, Naruto was boxer-less. Sasuke slowly climbed off of his lap and turned, facing the blonde instead.

Naruto shivered under hands that expertly tweaked his special spots. He looked down, taking in Sasuke's smooth chest, stomach, and shoulders. Gently, he lifted Sasuke up and onto his cock, moving his lithe frame up and down. Sasuke bit his lip and Naruto was glad to see (and feel) that Sasuke was getting harder. He moved one hand down to Sasuke's dick and jacked it for him. He moaned lightly, only once, before biting down, letting blood. Naruto leaned forward to kiss him and sucked the blood from his mouth lightly. Sasuke shoved his tongue down Naruto's throat, tasting him entirely. He gasped in pleasure as Naruto placed his fingers into his mouth and began sucking on them, rubbing them on his body. Both gasped in surprise as the door opened and who else but Kakashi walked in.

"Hey you two, we have to talk…" he stopped as he noticed the two boys completely naked. He blinked, his eyes still lingering on their young, tone bodies and their erections. Kakashi willed himself not to blush, though he knew it was too late for his own cock. He changed his mind about the talk, deciding to let it go.

"About what Sensei?" Sasuke coughed out, covering up his body.

"Ano…never mind." Kakashi said, sitting behind them, his cock growing ever harder as he continued to stare at their bodies.

Naruto continued to kiss Sasuke's neck, but the other boy began to feel uncomfortable and embarrassed. Finally, he relaxed in Naruto's lap and dug his nails into the seat behind him, allowing his boyfriend complete access to his body. He spread his legs and leaned forward, whispering one word. "Ok…" he nibbled on Naruto's earlobe.

Naruto thrusted his body into Sasuke's tight, little one. Never had Naruto felt this feeling. It was a lot stronger than yesterday…with this new feeling he became more aggressive and shoved his cock harder and faster into Sasuke's body. Sasuke gasped for breath between moans and blushed. "N-Naruto-kun…it's too rough…" he said, biting on his lip, a few moans escaping his lips here and there.

"Heh…you like it though don't you?" Naruto answered, nibbling Sasuke's ears. "And you look so cute when you moan like that."

Sasuke blushed and nodded. He WAS enjoying it but he was still feeling weird. 'Where did sensei go?' he thought and looked over Naruto's head, seeing no one there. He felt a pair of strong arms lift him up and off of Naruto, and he was sat down in between Naruto and his teacher, one armrest broken to make a crappy couch. Kakashi grabbed his smaller student's head and, being already naked, slid it onto his cock, whispering, "Little guy, lets see what you can do..." He moaned and leaned his head upward, biting his lip lightly. Sasuke tried to pull away, but Kakashi was much stronger than him. "Sensei…what are you…" his head was pushed onto the throbbing erection once more, making him gag, although deep down, he loved it. It was now, that Sasuke noticed Naruto was thrusting into his body from behind. He focused on the pleasure there and closed his eyes, whimpering. He gave a muffled cry on Kakashi's erection and shot his hand down, willing to jack himself when it was brushed away. "No, no, no Sasuke-kun…you can't ruin it for me…" Kakashi hurriedly came in his student's mouth and flipped the young boy over, Naruto still thrusting. Bowing down, he slipped his mouth over Sasuke's cock and sucked it lightly. Feeling the pale boy's hips squirm, he placed his hands down firmly. Please don't move. It's hard for me to pleasure you…"

Posted by yaoiteenchick at 2:44 AM NZT
Sunday, 2 April 2006
bare training
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Topic: animefreak's yaoi story
The day was cool in Kohana. Naruto and Sasuke were training and Kakashi was reading his perverted book. Unfortunately Kakashi was in a pissy mood and made them train even harder than normal. Finally, Kakashi called it a night. So Sakura said "But, sensi I don't want to leave Sasuke with Naruto." she look at sensi with her lip out and stomping the ground. "Sakura go home they are going home. NOW!!!!!" Kakashi said. Sakura looked down at the ground and ran away to the house. Kakashi then turned to young male teenagers and said " Okay you two time to go home this time I don't mean stay all night either." They quit training and when't off there on ways to the house.


Kakashi went on to his house with Iruka waiting at the door. Iruka begin yelling "where have you been I've been waiting on you. Your supper is getting cold." Kakashi looked at his secret lover and said "Shh.. People might hear you and I'm sorry I was training my students." he said in a very sensitive yet seductive voice. Iruka began to bite his bottom lip and said "God don't to that ,or you know I'll attack you." He then looked at his lover. Kakashi began to talk yet again in the sensitive yet seductive voice. "But, Baby you know I love to do this to you." Kakashi saw Iruka bitting his lip even harder. He then walked over to Iruka. He then leaned over and licked Iruka's neck and said "Baby you what I'm doing don't you?" Iruka closed his eyes and took a deep breathe. Iruka then looked up at him and said "Get your ass in this house NOW!" Iruka grabbed him and pulled him in the house and threw him over on the bed. Kakashi leaned front ward and started to moaning in Iruka's ear. Iruka then stripped him of his clothing. Iruka stood there looking at the beauty under him. Iruka leaned down slowly but passionately kissing his body. Iruka started at his head then neck,chest, stomach, after he got down to Kakashi's erection. He licked and sucked on the tip of his cock. Then he licked the underside of his shaft. He did this over and over till Kakashi was moaning "FUCK ME.... Fuck m.." He was saying it under breaths. Finally, Iruka flipped Kakashi over and slowly stuck his cock in Kakashi's ass. Over and over Iruka pounding him. Iruka grabbed Kakashi's warm huge cock. And he started stoking it harder and faster over and over again. Till, Iruka cumed in Iruka's hand and a little after Iruka cumed deep inside of Kakashi. The lovers layed on the bed panting. Kakahsi rolled over snuggling up to his tired lover. He said "God, I love it when I tease you and you become dominant!" Iruka looked in his lovers eys and said "Well, when you are suductive and wild like that it turns me on and you know that the best." The lover layed in the bed and gently fell asleep in each others arms.

During the middle of the night

Sasuke woke up with a smile. He turned to his window to see if it was moring yet. It was midnite by the clock on the nite stand. Saske then said to him self "Fuck i have a big ass hard-on and im to tired to take care of it." He then smiled got up out of his boxers and put on his clothes. He ran to Naruto's house. When, he finally got there he knocked on the door. "Naruto, let me i have somethign to tell you asap." Sasuke said. Naruto Walked up to the door and said "Sasuke what the hell do you know what time it...." He was broken off by Sasuke kissing him and rubibng him hard member agianst Naruto. When he pulled back to let Narut get some air he noticed Naruto's cock was hard too. Naruto was dumbfounded. He looked at Sasuke and his mouth hit the floor. So Sasuke to advantage of his teemmates figure he grabs naruto and leaned in to french him. After he kissed Naurto he said "Naruto I've been a pussy I'm sorry but I've loved you since day one. Well, I know this sounds weird but do you ove me back...." After Sasuke had said that Naruto had attacked him and wraped his legs around Sasuke. His Erection was to appernt under his slik orange boxers. Sasuke blushed as Naruto lached himself onto Sasuke. Naruto leaned over and nibbled and sucked on his neck. Naruto then said "I I've felt the same way and im sorry I couldn't tell you either." Sasuke was pleased and took Naruto to the bedroom. Sasuke laided him on the bed.

So what ya think. I'll finsh later my lusty little mind and my finrgers are too

Posted by yaoiteenchick at 12:01 AM NZT
Updated: Monday, 3 April 2006 11:26 AM NZT

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